Once upon a time, when cell phone screens were only black and white…

This game “racecar” had been the most interesting one on my first Motorola cell phone. Learning Visual Basic on my own, I had tried to mimic and construct games that I’d played before, hoping one day I could make up some fantastic ones of my own. Racecar is a simple successive one at the initial stages of my self-learning of programming.

The player first picks a game level from 1 to 9, game starts after the countdown of 3 and three adjacent blue squares representing a racecar travels down a track where obstacles will be encountered frequently. The player can move left or right in order to dodge the obstacles, and the longer he survives, the more points he will get.

This project is the first game for me to implement programmable drawn shapes as the objects, and led me into the discovery of the important fundamentals of program logic.

[Download Game]