Bomberman has always been a popular online multiplayer game. Having the experience of creating several applications and games using Visual Basic (VB) (Racecar, Guess the Number (Windows), Simple Magic Cube, Tic-Tac-Toe AI, Sudoku AI, Othello AI, …), I decided to design a multiplayer game using VB. This is the final project for using VB as the programming language in my junior high school period.

Figure 1. Snapshot of game start on a 10×10 grid.

In this game, the players decide the size of the game grid (an NxN square grid), the number of walls and the total number of items. Then player 1 starts at the bottom right corner and player 2 starts at the top left corner of the grid (Fig. 1). Player 1 and 2 walk around and drop bombs at preferred locations and the placed bombs would explode after a few seconds. A player wins if the other player is within the explosion range of an exploded bomb. A wall would disappear after being hit by a bomb. Initially, the players can only wait for a bomb dropped by themselves to explode before dropping another bomb, and the explosion range is a cross section extending one lattice away from the dropped bomb’s location. The number of available bombs and explosion range can be increased by obtaining items that were initially hidden behind the walls. The images used in this game are shown in Fig. 2.

Figure 2. Images used in bomberman. (Left to right: player 1, player 2, wall, bomb, bomb explode fire, bomb increase item, explode range increase item.)

Although being a highly simplified version of the original online game, this project demonstrated the ability of using VB for designing multiplayer games and deepened my programming abilities.

[Download Game] (The jpg files need to be in the same folder as BBMan.exe)