NTU Library 3D Drawing

This is a model of the library of National Taiwan University (NTU) and was created using Solidworks. This project was originally a homework from the course “Engineering Drawing” of our department. Being fascinated by the features and functions provided by the 3D CAD drawing software, I took “the hard way” by choosing this architecture as the target for this homework.

Figure 1. Solidworks Components of NTU library.

Partial images were downloaded and pasted for being the surface material of individual components of the library. I searched for some 3D images of the library and managed to duplicate the outline and structures onto the parts (Fig. 1). Taking a large amount of effort constructing and assembling the pieces, I gained a lot of experience finishing this project. After completing this project, I learned some important concepts of 3D drawing which provided me to design other structures for 3D printing in further projects.

Figure 2. Diagonal view of the assembled NTU library.